Poseidon Wetsuit Mission 3mm

Rp 3,695,000

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The Mission Suit 3 MM offers stylish protection for warm water divers and swimmers. Jako Geoprene combines with flexi-seams to deliver unmatched comfort! Freedom of movement is enhanced by Jako Super-Stretch Geoprene on the wrists and ankles, making this suit super-easy to don and doff. Patented Octopus Velcro, which becomes stronger in contact with water, provides secure seals and fastenings throughout. Poseidons Patch System enables you to customize your suit for the ultimate in personalization! 3 MM thickness for tropical water protection. Jako Geoprene gives you the most comfortable fit. Jako Super-Stretch Geoprene on wrists and ankles for easy don and doff. Reinforced backside provides extra durability and protection. Patented Octopus Velcro provides strong under-water seals. Poseidon Patch System allows you to personalize your suit.

Size: S, M, L, XL
Color: Black and Red


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