Fins Mares Avanti Quattro+

Rp 2,500,000

The Avanti Quattro + diving fins combine cutting-edge materials, increased performance, and a stylish design. The standard Bungee Strap adds convenience, while the Channel Thrust technology, stabilizing drifts, and anatomical foot pocket further enhance performance. These features make the Avanti Quattro + fins a top choice for divers seeking outstanding performance and reliability.


The four-rib design of the Avanti Quattro + allow the fins to arch during the fin stroke. This arching motion allows muscle power to efficiently be transformed into propulsive thrust, enhancing overall performance.

The special Channel Thrust technology incorporated in these fins, allow the fins to maximize the flow of water, therefore moving a greater amount of water. The result is greater thrusting power with the same amount of effort. The foot pockets feature perforations, preventing the “parachute effect” often experienced with other fins.

The main features of the Avanti Quattro + fins are:

• 4 channels for greater thrusting power
• Bungee strap
• Hi-flex material optimizes blade’s efficiency
• Channel Thrust technology
• Thermoplastic rubber foot pocket and “Tecralene” technopolymer blade
• Stabilizing trim tabs

Choose the Avanti Quattro + diving fins for their superior design and performance, ensuring an exceptional diving experience in any underwater environment. The fins are available in a wide variety of colors, catering to each diver’s personal taste.

For care and maintenance, carefully read the instructions that come in the packaging to properly maintain the product.

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