Rezki Darhanto

He is PADI Diving Instructor, the Founder and Coordinator of this dive community. He fell in love with underwater world when took a scuba trial several years ago. Since then, diving became his passion. He decided to start building the dive community to promote the beauty of Indonesia underwater world where most species of corals and fishes are dwelling.

Follow his social media: twitter @rezkidarhanto or instagram @rezkidarhanto

Maulana Christanto

You can call him Nana. He is PADI Instructor, the Co-founder, Marketing Strategist and Trip Leader of IDS. He also works at Ace Hardware.

Follow his social media: twitter & instagram @na__na

Citra Yuliasari

She is Co-founder and Marketing Strategist of IDS. She is also Artist Manager and a book writer.

Instagram: @citra_yuliasari