BCD Zeagle Covert

Rp 7,550,000 Rp 6,050,000

Very light – travel light

No velcro > no damage on your wetsuit


Features :
1. Lightly padded shoulders with side release buckles
2. Shoulder designed with wider straps for comfort
3. Delrin D-ring mounting platform built in
4. Adjustable waist
5. Adjustable waist allows for snugging up the BC over a variety of different dive suits
6. Easily adjustable with one hand
7. 32 lb lift with low profile retractable bladder assembly
8. Double bladder construction that is repairable in the field
9. Extremely abrasion resistant
10. Fits close to torso for low drag
11. Inner bladder can be patched in the field
12. 16 lb capacity touch fastener weight system
13. Easily load and unload weights through top opening
14. Use almost any standard dive weight (block, pouch, etc.)
15. Easy to use Touch-fastener release with pull handle

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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